Thursday, 19 February 2009

If it keeps the madding crowd quiet here goes...

Blog Blog Blog

Thus are the incsessant demands of a certain fellow blogger, but what to blog about.

Do I blog about my feelings towards the society that would punish a health care professional for offering to pray for the health of one of her charges?

How about the idea that a single mother can bring 8 precious children into the world on the basis that she had a lonely life as a child and didn't want to be lonely in her old age? Those 8 children being on top of the 6 existing children, none of which will have a father figure present in their lives and with that many children in a household will see little of their mother either.

How about blogging about a society that allows yobbish and loutish behaviour, having had 2 of my own children (both in their late teens) attacked in the streets of my home town, one having a fur hat taken from her head by a group of ne'er do wells or the other thumped in the face for having the gaul to check on a companion who had just been thumped for no other reason than they didn't fit the attackers 'acceptable dress codes' list.

I could blog about my own thoughts on a teenager the same age as my youngest daughter who holds so little respect for others that she blatantly admits her plan to my dughter to 'get you drunk' if you come over for a sleepover. This on the basis that the girl has no values herself and regularly drinks her parenst alcohol when they are not around, but that she would try to get someone else drunk who she is aware believes to abstain from alcohol for reasons of religion.

There is so much wrong with society that it is difficult to see what hope there is in staying around. When selfish desires take precedence over common decency, and the idea of respect is something grudgingly given only to those who have a bigger stick than you can muster yourself.

I think we are at risk of the world falling to evil as the good are willing to do less and less for fear of the reprisals or distain of their fellow human beings.

We need to think beyond our own skins and remember what being part of a community means, where we are all pulling together for a common good, each with their own skills and talents, we do not need to all be the same, but we need to give more than we take, do more than we don't and forgive more than we begrudge.

We need to make choices for ourselves and not wait for governments to enact laws that dictate our behaviours and freedoms, there is no idea that brings men to an equal status more fairly than the golden rule 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. Even if people were able to live by that simple rule alone our communities would be a safer place to be as who would hurt another knowing they would be hurt in return, there would be fewer in need as who would refuse charity knowing they too might be in need of charity someday.

I do not suggest everyone should find religion, but rather that everyone takes a long hard look at themselves and how they would like to be treated and then starts to treat each other as their equal giving of themselves as they would hope to receive from others. The idea that 'no man is an island' may be quaint and may seem outdated in this modern age where we communicate but never speak face to face, but its still applicable and as valid as when ever it was first formed in the mind of man in times past. We need each other, this human creature can not live alone for ever and remain healthy, the best way to feel part of something is by giving of yourself to something outside of yourself, be it family, friends, community or faith. To give of yourself is to recieve a greater gift in return.

I think is more of a sermon than a blog but maybe it will appease someone for a week or so :) you know who you are!!

Friday, 23 January 2009

And so the Rambling Begins

Well here it is, as always the first steps are small and tentative but who knows this may lead to great things.

I should warn any reader inquisitive enough to read this that I have been told, and I must agree, that I have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humour that quite often is misread and can betimes offend. I apologise now to those who may be offended by my wit, as low as it may be, but I will not apologise for being me.

My thoughts expressed here for my own benefit as well as any that choose to read them, no one has forced you to read this and if that seems unkind or rude that does not take away from the truth of the statement. Read on by all means but please do not expect me to censor my opinions about who I am and what I see around me to fit in with your own interpretation.

I should also warn any who may still be reading after that last comment that I may at times slip into a random rant mode about this or that. Mostly 'this' I would say but on occasion 'that' and on rare occasions maybe even 'the other'.

Enough for now but please do not be put off by my first attempt, for first impressions often are not a true depiction, come back again and walk with me on this journey into the unknown, who knows, perhaps the journey itself will be worth the effort even if there is no final destination, and company is always a pleasure.